NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE RULES HEARINGS FOR PROPOSED ADOPTION BY THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION. Hearings to be held at 255 Capitol St NE, Salem, OR: October 22, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. in Room 200A Content of IEP     581-015-2200 Requires Oregon Individual Education Plan teams to select Extended Assessment as only assessment option for students with IEP’s. Employment-Related Transitional Services    581-015-2930 Updates Executive … Read More

National education expert speaks at Chief Leschi

As reported by the News Tribune in Tacoma, Chief Leschi Schools and the Puyallup School District are sponsoring a public talk Tuesday (Oct. 6) by Pedro Noguera, a UCLA professor of education who will address issues of equity and closing opportunity gaps in education. Read more here:

ODE October Update

Click Here to read the Oregon Department of Education Update in PDF form.

OSPI Science

Item Development Application The Science Assessment team is beginning a new round of item development. We will be developing items aligned to the Washington State 2013 K-12 Science Learning Standards(Next Generation Science Standards) for the first time. This is your invitation to APPLY for item development committees to develop stimuli, items, and rubrics aligned to the Washington State 2013 K-12 Science Learning Standards (NGSS). … Read More

ODE 2015-17 Legislative Investments in Education: Rollout Timeline

Earlier this week, we shared a summary of education legislation that came out of the recent session. Today we wanted to follow up with additional detail on some of the educational investments made by the 2015 Legislature and provide a rollout timeline for upcoming grant and contract opportunities. We hope that the attached chart will help provide clarity and answer … Read More

One Teacher, Many Rooms

A stack of research suggests that all the classroom technology in the world can’t compare to the power of a great teacher. And, since we haven’t yet figured out how to clone our best teachers, a few schools around the country are trying something like it: Stretching them across multiple classrooms. Click Here to Read the full article.

Oregon Education Update

Rob Sexton’s Blog Update. Last month, students in Oregon started taking the new Smarter Balanced assessment. This marked a huge milestone in a multi-year process that began with Oregon’s adoption of the Common Core back in 2010. The new test mirrors the rich instruction going on in Oregon classrooms with questions that ask our students to explain, describe, analyze, and … Read More

CTE Washington Update

HOT TOPICS House and Senate Budget Comparison – CTE Related Unfortunately, the House nor Senate adjusted the MSOC or CTE class size. The House and Senate budget comparison is ready for review. Budget negotiations will determine the final budget. Perkins Carry Over Dollars On Friday March 27, 2015, Perkins carry over dollars were posted to iGrants. District’s carryover amounts can be viewed in … Read More

Lawmakers: Fixing Washington education could hit $6 billion (AP) – The actual cost of a Washington Supreme Court’s ruling on how the state pays for education could reach as much as $6 billion – double most estimates floating around the Legislature, lawmakers and state officials say. Most of those estimates involving the so-called McCleary decision only include all-day kindergarten, smaller classes, student transportation and classroom supplies – … Read More

Olympia Watch: Should school bonds pass with majority vote?

Posted by Leah Todd Some lawmakers want to make it easier for school construction bonds to pass in Washington state. Under a bill proposed by 44 Democrats and one Republican, a school bond on a general election ballot would need only a simple majority to pass — instead of today’s required 60 percent approval. At least one recent school bond in Highline Public Schools, which gained 55 percent … Read More