CTE Washington Update


House and Senate Budget Comparison – CTE Related

Unfortunately, the House nor Senate adjusted the MSOC or CTE class size.

The House and Senate budget comparison is ready for review. Budget negotiations will determine the final budget.

Perkins Carry Over Dollars

On Friday March 27, 2015, Perkins carry over dollars were posted to iGrants. District’s carryover amounts can be viewed in iGrants, profile page within the fiscal section then clicking on the carryover amounts. Districts requesting a budget revision need to include the carryover amount in order for the system to accept the district’s request.

Julia Preuss

H&R Budget Challenge Scholarship Winner

Julia Preuss, a senior at Mt. Spokane High School, was awarded a $20,000 scholarship through the H&R Block Budget Challenge. The teen financial literacy program awards high school students for mastering real-world budgeting and personal finance decision making. Julia is one of only 66 scholarship winners nationwide!

Mead ProStart Team

ProStart News

Congratulations to the ProStart Culinary team from Mt. Spokane High School and their advisor/teacher Claudia Couch. At the recent WA State ProStart Invitational they placed 4th out of 19 teams. Additionally, Breeawna Sumner received at $1,000 scholarship and was name “ProStart Student of the Year!”

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

FACSE Science Take Out Training Session
April 13, 2015 | Mount Vernon | 8 a.m.–3 p.m. | NW Career & Technical Academy

WA FBLA State Business Leadership Conference
April 15-17, 2015 |Spokane | Red Lion River Inn, Red Lion Hotel at the Park, The DoubleTree

2015 Fashion Industry Conference
April 25, 2015 | Tukwila | 9 a.m.–4 p.m. | Sandford-Brown College

Construction Center for Excellence Career Pathways Event
April 28, 2015 | UW, Construction Site, SSC Georgetown Campus | Clock Hours | Register

FACSE Science Take Out Training Session
April 30, 2015 | Spokane | 8 a.m.–3 p.m. | The Water Center

Connecting with Care Student Support Conference
May 13-15, 2015 | Wenatchee Convention Center | Free Clock Hours Available

2015 Guidance & Counseling Summer Institute

June 23-24, 2015 | Olympia | 8 a.m.–4 p.m. | Red Lion Hotel

Summer STEAM Professional Development Week

June 29-July 3, 2015 | Seattle | 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. | EMP Museum | 30 Clock Hours

Pacific Northwest Advanced Placement Institute for Teachers
June 29July 2, 2015 | Bellevue School District| 26 Free Clock Hours

2015 WA-ACTE Summer Conference
August 9-12, 2015 | Yakima | Convention Center | Register

CTE Program Areas

Agriculture Education Sciences

For the latest information in Agriculture Education Sciences, please contact Rebecca Wallace, Agriculture Education Sciences Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-6241 or rebecca.wallace@k12.wa.us.


CTE teacher work hard to teach students how to successfully become productive members of today’s workforce. Would you like to integrate AP courses into your CTE program? Find out more about CTE and AP — Raising the Bar.

For the latest information in AP/CTE, please contact Barbara Dittrich, AP Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-6097 or Barbara.Dittrich@k12.wa.us.

Business and Marketing

Check out the latest information on what is happening with CCI Learning and Microsoft IT Academy.

For the latest information about Busines and Marketing, Microsoft IT Academy, DECA and FBLA, please contact Lance Wrzesinski, Business and Marketing Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-6258 or lance.wrzesinski@k12.wa.us

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Interested in hosting a Family Health & Fitness Night in the 2015-16 school year? Check out the the application. Complete and return by April 24, 2015.

Apply for School Grants for Healthy Kids by May 1, 2015

We are excited to open the call for applications for School Grants for Healthy Kids for the 2015-2016 school year. Eligible schools may apply for funding to pilot or expand their School Breakfast Programs or pilot universal school breakfast. In addition to funding, your school will receive technical support, gain access to AFHK’s improved grants portal, and ensure your students are healthy and ready to learn. May 29, 2015 awarded schools will be notified.

Starting Strong Institute for Early Learning Professionals and K-12 educators is being held August 3-5, 2015. Interested? Find out more!

Please contact Mary Nagel, Family and Consumer Sciences Education Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-6242 or mary.nagel@k12.wa.us.

Foster Care Youth

Second Substitute House Bill 1999 coordinates services and programs for foster youth in order to improve educational outcomes. If you prefer, please read the Digest.

Check out the website for foster youth between the ages of 13 and 21 to help them successfully transition into adulthood and postsecondary education.

Are you working with a student in foster care and don’t know who to contact? There are seven regional contacts.

Please contact Dr. Ken Emmil, Foster Care Special Assistant, with questions at 360-725-6031 or ken.emmil@k12.wa.us.  

Graduation, Reality, and Dual-role Skills (GRADS)

For the latest information in what is happening with the GRADS program, check out the 2015 April GRADS newsletter.

Please contact Denise Mileson, GRADS Program Specialist, with questions at 360-725-0417 or Denise.Mileson@k12.wa.us

Health Sciences Education

Check out the Washington Career & Technical Sports Medicine Association Competition/Symposium that will be held in Spokane on April 24-15, 2015. 

The Health Science Master Teacher Institute will be held on November 12-14, 2015 in Chicago, IL. If you are interested, the application deadline is May 1, 2015.

See the Learning Games in Health Sciences. The Health Science classroom is a great place for high school students to explore the opportunities available in the health professions. Make it fun and rewarding!

Please contact Marianna Goheen, Health Sciences Education Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-6257 or marianna.goheen@k12.wa.us.

Jobs for Washington’s Graduates (JWG)

For the latest information on what is happing in JWG, please contact Mary Kanikeberg, JWG Program Supervisor, 360-725-6249 or JWG@k12.wa.us.

Skilled and Technical Sciences

For the latest information on what is happening in Skilled and Technical Sciences, please contact Denny Wallace, Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-6241 or dennis.wallace@k12.wa.us.


Do you know high school students who want to learn to code? Apply by April 8 for the Seattle workshop. 

For the latest information on what is happing in STEM, check out the 2015 April STEM Report

Please contact C.J. Dancer, STEM Program Supervisor, with questions at 360-725-4467 or clarence.dancer@k12.wa.us.