McCleary roundup: As session drags on, school districts sweat

As compromise remains elusive in the Washington Legislature, school districts are left with the familiar exercise of planning their next year budget without a clear expectation of how much money to expect from the state.

The temperature is rising in Olympia — and it’s not just because warmer spring weather is finally here.

Business groups and the state’s largest teachers union took aim at the Washington Legislature this week as compromise remains elusive for a final fix to the landmark McCleary school-funding case.

Over the next two weeks, teachers plan to make daily visits to the Capitol as a way to pressure Republican lawmakers to satisfy a court order to fully fund public schools. Private industry groups, meanwhile, took their criticism of Democrats to the airwaves, buying TV ad time to oppose new and higher taxes for some businesses.

And what about school districts? They’re about to resort to crystal balls as they try to plan their 2017-18 school budgets without a clear indication of how much money they can expect from the state.

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